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Annual Jones River Herring Count

 April - June      Elm Street Bridge/Dam, Kingston

Conceptual Photosims of the Elm Street Dam Removal

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PACTV Winter 2017 Update on Elm Street Dam

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NRC Public Meeting

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Silver Lake is Drained

Containment Movie Screening

 Fri . December 9 . 2016
 7:00 pm      Jones River Landing

Silver Lake & Jones River Flow Study

Drought escalates water crisis

Rep. Tom Calter’s Open Forum on Water Supply Distress

 Sat . September 24 . 2016
 10:00 am  – 11:00 am      Halifax Town Hall

Designing a Consent-Based Siting Process: Summary of Public Input Report

Stony and Tussock Brook Reports

Water risk rises for Brockton and Monponsett Pond

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PCN: Elm Street Dam Removal

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