The meeting coverage of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting held on Jan. 31 can be seen on the PACTV government channels, YouTube and on PACTV’s Video on Demand. The meeting was held at the Hotel 1620 in Plymouth to discuss the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Viewers can also watch the meeting on PACTV’s YouTube Channel at or on PACTV’s video on demand.

Earlier this month, Governor Baker, the Attorney General, and a long list of state officials asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to hold a public meeting on Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station — including the ongoing NRC inspection of the plant, the recent memo accidentally emailed to a Cape Cod activist, recent valve malfunctions and a related shutdown. Town officials in Plymouth made a similar request.

The NRC has agreed to hold a public meeting in Plymouth, and has set January 31, 2017 as the date (UPDATE: this date was officially confirmed by the NRC on 1/20/17). The public will be able to make comments or pose questions to the NRC. Read the NRC’s Official Public Meeting Notice >>

Anyone who cares about public safety and environmental health in southeastern Massachusetts should plan on attending this meeting . As one commenter stated last week in the Old Colony Memorial’s Jam Session, “The one and only issue of transcendental importance to Plymouth and every human (and animal) living within 50 miles in every direction from Pilgrim Station is removing that plant from the grid and getting it decommissioned competently and quickly before it falls apart completely / starts killing people.” Every human within 50 miles of Pilgrim should be at this meeting asking the NRC to do just that.

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