Most not-for-profit organizations are used to doing as much as possible with the resources available to them. We are no exception. Spring time brings a flurry of activity to the Landing and there is not always an abundance of labor, time or equipment to get the job done. But we find a way.

Whether it is launching floats in the spring with little more than a long lever and some strong backs (above), or bringing Merry Wing back from her winter home at the Holmes Boat shed up river with another kind of lever, a pair of oars…

…or compelling a tree to fall in the desired direction with gentle persuasion from a little tuck…


As I write we are preparing small boats for the summer. Merry Wing’s mast and boom are down from the rafters, ready for stepping, with the aid, by the way, of another simple machine, the block and tackle. 

We work to get things done at the Landing.

The summer season’s High Tide Pot luck at the Landing starts tonight at 6:00 PM. Why not stop by and enjoy the river, some pleasant company and see what’s new this Spring?