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Help Protect Massachusetts Taxpayers from bearing costs associated with cleaning up Pilgrim

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The Massachusetts legislature’s Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy will hold a public hearing on November 17th for two proposed bills that will help ensure Massachusetts taxpayers are not left paying for the Pilgrim Station nuclear power plant closure and cleanup.

APCC supports the legislation and encourages you to send a letter or email to the legislative committee, or attend the November 17th hearing, and urge the committee to give these two bills a favorable recommendation.

Senate Bill 1797, An Act Establishing a Fee on the Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Pools, creates a fee on the number of spent fuel rods stored in pools in order to encourage better storage practices. Wet storage in pools is intended as a short term means to cool and store nuclear waste, while dry cask storage is the established best management practice for more permanent and reliable storage. Senate Bill 1797 is an economic incentive for nuclear power plant operators to avoid the imposition of costly fees by using best management practices for storing spent fuel rods.

Senate Bill 1798, An Act Establishing Funding to Provide Moneys for Postclosure Activities at Nuclear Power Stations, requires nuclear power plant operators to pay an annual $25 million fee into a trust fund dedicated to the costs of cleanup after a nuclear plant ceases operation. The decommissioning funds currently allocated by the owner of Pilgrim Station are inadequate to cover the anticipated cost of shutting down the plant and cleaning up the site. Without a means of securing sufficient funds from the plant operator, paying for a complete cleanup of the site may be left to Massachusetts taxpayers.

Please consider attending the public hearing for the two bills, scheduled for 1 PM on Tuesday, November 17th at the State House in Boston, or contact the committee chairs through a letter or email message.

Sample message:

Dear Chairman Downing and Chairman Golden,

I am contacting you in support of Senate Bill 1797, which would establish fees to help ensure the proper storage of spent nuclear fuel at nuclear power plants in Massachusetts, and Senate Bill 1798, which would require nuclear plant operators to pay an annual fee into a trust fund dedicated for decommissioning and cleanup of nuclear power plants. These bills will help protect Massachusetts taxpayers from bearing the costs of proper plant closure and cleanup. Please report these two bills out with favorable recommendations. Thank you.

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