We recently asked supporters and fellow groups to write to the radio stations WBUR, WATD, and WBZ, which were running Entergy sponsor messages promoting Pilgrim as a “clean” and “emission-free” energy source. Read the original action alert here. We were extremely disappointed to hear Entergy’s false “greenwashing” claims on these well-respected radio stations. Our concern was never with the sponsor message itself, but rather with the false information being disseminated to the public. Read CCBW’s letter to these stations.

On May 30th, the Director of News & Programming at WBZ NewsRadio 1030 replied to our letter:

We received your letter and appreciate you taking the time to write. For spirited issues like this, we know that there can be a level of complexity and subjectivity on both sides, and because of that we do require 3rd party substantiation to the claims that is reviewed by our legal team. We have received it from Entergy and feel that it meets the standard that we set for airing their commercials. That said, we also welcome you purchasing your own counter-campaign that states your side on behalf of Cape Cod Bay Watch, but please know that we will also need 3rd party substantiation from you as well that will be reviewed before airing.

Thank you.

Peter Casey
Director of News & Programming
WBZ NewsRadio 1030

While we appreciate WBZ taking the time to respond, it came as a shock that Entergy’s “green” claims passed through 3rd party substantiation as well as a panel of attorneys. CCBW also inquired further about the option to run a counter-campaign – stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who sent an email and raised issue with these radio stations disseminating false information! Even though WBZ is standing by its decision to allow Entergy to advertise false information, it’s still extremely important that we expressed our concerns. Perhaps radio stations like WBZ, and other media outlets, will re-think the standards they use when allowing industries like Entergy to run false ads on their stations.