A group of eleven local residents asked a Massachusetts court to order Entergy Nuclear Generation Co., owner and operator of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts, to turn over documents relevant to Entergy’s new nuclear waste storage facility at the site. In a motion filed with Land Court on January 30, 2015, lawyers for the plaintiffs said Entergy’s “delay tactics have prejudiced and continue to prejudice Plaintiffs’ ability to effectively litigate this case.”

The case was filed in August, 2013 and claims that Entergy violated Plymouth zoning laws by failing to get a special permit for construction and operation of the nuclear waste storage facility, estimated to cost over $300 million. In August, 2014, Land Court Judge Foster rejected Entergy’s challenge to the plaintiffs standing, and the case is now in the discovery stage. The law provides that both sides in a lawsuit must provide the other with documents and information related to the case. The Plaintiffs’ motion says that for over a year, Entergy has stalled and delayed, refusing to turn over documents and information about the costs and duration of the nuclear waste project and Entergy’s compliance with the zoning laws. Plaintiffs were forced to ask the court to intervene and order Entergy to comply with the discovery laws.

The court will hold a hearing on the motion. No date has been set. The parties will appear before Judge Foster for a status conference on February 4, 2015 at 10 a.m. in Boston to discuss the next steps in the case.

Here are all the documents in the motion filed with Land Court on Jan. 30th.