On Friday, March 14th at noon, a judge at Land Court in Boston will hear citizens’ request for Entergy to produce information and documents concerning its nuclear waste storage facility (dry casks) at Pilgrim. Lawyers representing the 17 local residents will present the case.

In August 2013, citizens brought a lawsuit against Entergy for violating town zoning laws. Citizens are challenging Entergy’s failure to get a special permit – as required under local zoning laws – to build the nuclear waste storage facility. Both sides are preparing for a trial this summer.

As part of the larger lawsuit, the citizens involved have requested information and documents from Entergy and the Town of Plymouth that would enable their lawyers to effectively prepare their case. However, for the past four months Entergy and the town have continuously asked for extensions and have not provided sufficient responses and information. So the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ are heading to court this Friday. They will argue that the Plaintiffs are entitled to the information and the Court should order Energy and the town to produce the information. Entergy and the town have also filed motions to prevent the citizens from getting the needed information.

Stay tuned for more updates on the case. Interested in reading what the citizens’ lawyers are filing?