While Pilgrim is in the middle of a shut down due to a cooling water system malfunction, the NRC decides it’s time to reissue the 20-year operating license. This is an outrage & groups vow to continue the fight against the dangerous, polluting reactor in Plymouth.

According to Entergy spokesman Jack Alexander, Entergy Manager of Government Affairs:

“Sometimes equipment doesn’t operate as you would hope.”

— State House News Service , Andy Metzger, May 23, 2012

Well, that about says it Jack! You’ve admitted Pilgrim isn’t safe and that you can’t ensure that it will operate for another 20 years “the way you would hope”!

Entergy’s accident on May 22 sent superheated water from a backwash operation into Cape Cod Bay. The U.S. EPA and the state DEP are AWOL and refuse to answer our questions about what happened with this outdated cooling water system that’s falling apart.

Meanwhile, J. Wayne Leonard CEO and Entergy’s lobbyists got their buddies in the House to chastise the NRC for being “unfair” to Entergy. Pilgrim Coalition wrote back, blasting Fred Upton and his cronies on the House Energy and Commerce Committee for doing the bidding of Entergy, a Louisiana-based company making $1 million per day!

Read the Pilgrim Coalition letter here: Letter to U.S. House 05.24 (PDF) →

And then the NRC decides to issue the new license – but the outgoing Chairman of the Commission blasts the decision as unfair to Massachusetts residents who have valid concerns over safety and the environment that have not been addressed. Read the Chairman’s Comments here: Jaczko blasts NRC (PDF) →

The NRC’s decision is ILLEGAL and we will pursue the many other avenues available to us to shut Pilgrim down!

The fight to shut down Pilgrim has just begun. Goodbye, Entergy!