Eight organizations and individuals, including Jones River Watershed Association and Union of Concerned Scientists, submitted a petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on June 24, 2015 regarding Pilgrim Nuclear’s flood licensing basis.

The petitioners are requesting that the NRC take enforcement action to require that the current licensing basis for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts explicitly includes flooding caused by local intense
precipitation/probable maximum precipitation events. (This could be done by issuing an order to the licensee of the plant.)

Evaluations by the plant’s owner indicate that the site could experience flood levels from these causes nearly ten feet higher than anticipated when the Atomic Energy Commission originally licensed it. The good news is that doors already installed at the site protect important equipment from being submerged and damaged. The bad news is that neither regulatory requirements nor enforceable commitments exist that ensure the continued reliability of these flood protection features. The petitioners seek to rectify this safety shortcoming by revising the current licensing basis to include flooding caused by heavy rainfall events.

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