Jones River Watershed Association (JRWA) sent a letter yesterday, Feb. 11th, to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) asking the NRC to require Entergy to carry out an updated, accurate site survey and flood assessment at Pilgrim before Entergy’s Hazard Reevaluation Report for flooding is submitted on March 12, 2015.

JRWA, in conjunction with Northeastern Geospatial Research Professionals, Inc., recently developed an Elevation Analysis of the Pilgrim site. The analysis and accompanying maps clearly raise valid concerns related to flooding and storm impacts on the Pilgrim site.

In the Feb. 11th letter, JRWA asks points out that Entergy will not be able to provide a valid Hazard Reevaluation Report to the NRC on March 12th without first carrying out a proper site survey. The site survey needs to use the most updated methodology and data, as well as the most current information about sea level rise, and influences by tides, storms, waves and wind.

Information and maps that Entergy has provided to the NRC and the public to date, have been misleading and inaccurate and seem to be copied and pasted from plans developed by Boston Edison (the original owner of Pilgrim) in the 1970s. We have concern that Entergy’s Hazard Reevaluation Report for flooding that is due on March 12, 2015 will be useless in preventing an accident due to flooding, if the information is carried over from outdated plans and no new site-survey is completed.

View the maps, letters and other information here: Updated Pilgrim Elevation Analysis & Maps →