In December 2016, we wrote to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Department of Energy (DOE) to express concerns about the Pilgrim site, including its nuclear waste storage area, being at risk from flooding and storms. Read the letter →

Last week the NRC responded to our letter (DOE has yet to respond), and reiterates that adequate cooling and flood protection measures are in place at Pilgrim. We disagree, particularly when it comes to risks to Pilgrim’s dry casks that are sited too close to the Cape Cod Bay coastline. Read the NRC’s reply letter →

The NRC also mentions a proposal that was recently issues to the Commission that would provide process for continually assessing new information related to natural hazards and would allow for increased coordination between the NRC, NOAA, and FEMA. The Commission has yet to vote on the proposal, but this will be an interesting and important proposal to watch.

We hope and expect to meet with NRC staff later this month to further discuss coastal risks and the Pilgrim site.

Additional Information/Timeline of Letters (updated July 2017):