Several organizations, including Pilgrim Watch and Jones River Watershed Association, have requested that the NRC’s Supplemental Follow-up Inspection Report (issued June 18, 2015) that looked at Entergy’s responses during Winter Storm Juno be withdrawn.

Problems identified by the groups included showing that:

  • The report is self-contradictory and makes no sense;
  • NRC provides no information to assure Entergy’s “Fixes” are either real or timely;
  • NRC’s response to the switchyard insulator’s problem during Juno is an invitation by the NRC to the industry to run equipment to failure; and
  • the report again ignores emergency planning during JUNO that showed there was no reasonable assurance that the public would evacuate in a timely manner. In that case, Entergy should be cited for operating contrary to regulation and issued a White Finding in the Emergency Preparedness cornerstone in next year’s ROP.

The groups hope for answers to these issues during the public meeting scheduled by NRC on July 8 – a meeting requested by Entergy to challenge NRC’s white finding regarding failure of the safety relief valve to open on February 9.

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