Groups Send Letter to Gov. Baker saying, “ Someone – MEMA, FEMA or the NRC – is not telling the truth” about the adequacy of Pilgrim’s Offsite Emergency Planning & Asked Him to Take Specific Actions.

Today Pilgrim Watch, Cape Downwinders and the Town of Duxbury Nuclear Advisory Committee wrote to Governor Baker asking him to take specific actions in response NRC’s report that MEMA and FEMA falsely informed the NRC that the state was capable of implementing its emergency plan, including evacuation during winter storm Juno. MEMA knew this was not so. MEMA’s Director was standing beside Governor Baker at MEMA Headquarters as he announced a State of Emergency and Travel Ban.

MEMA and FEMA also falsely told the NRC that they had reached this conclusion based on consultations with emergency management agencies within the Emergency Planning Zone. The Emergency Management Director of the Town of Duxbury said that he was NOT contacted, and had he been contacted he would have said there was no way the town could evacuate.

Mary Lampert, Pilgrim Watch director said, “Someone –MEMA, FEMA or NRC – is not telling the truth and the Governor should know this and take appropriate actions. After all, the responsible agencies need to be trusted and so far they have not given us reason to trust them.”

The groups outlined 6 actions that they hoped the Governor would take.

Becky Chin, Duxbury Nuclear Advisory Committee concluded that, “Because FEMA and MEMA provided the NRC with false information during Juno, there is no reason to believe that it was the only time. Therefore there is no basis for the Governor or NRC to believe Pilgrim’s Radiological Emergency Plans are adequate.” She added that, “The Town of Duxbury knows they are not adequate and refused to approve the plan.”

Did the Governor approve Pilgrim’s Radiological Emergency Plan for Pilgrim this year?

Diane Turco Cape Downwinders director wonders how he could approve the plan; “ We know there is No Escape from the Cape and because of that every town on Cape Cod voted to close Pilgrim.” Bill Maurer, Cape Downwinders added, “We’ve been written off.”