Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is a disaster waiting to happen. Communities located close to the plant have known this for years. Pilgrim had three unplanned emergency shutdowns in 2015 alone.[1] Now, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has downgraded the plant’s safety rating, marking it as one of the country’s three worst operating reactors.

If the NRC downgrades Pilgrim just one more step, it will be at risk of a mandatory shutdown by federal regulators.[2] Yet somehow, Governor Baker says he continues to have confidence in the plant’s safety.

I don’t. Entergy Corporation’s reckless management of Pilgrim Nuclear is jeopardizing the Commonwealth. It’s time to heed the warning signs. Click here to help me deliver this simple message to Governor Baker and to Attorney General Maura Healey: Close Pilgrim, now.

Thanks to Toxics Action Center for setting up this easy way for New Englanders to contact the Governor and Attorney General.
[1] Pilgrim Coalition Shutdown Tracker: Summary of Pilgrim SCRAMS, 2003-2015
[2] Cape Cod Times: “Pilgrim Nuclear Plant One Step Away From Shut Down By Regulators”