On Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, at about 4:30 pm Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station experienced yet another unplanned shutdown (also called a SCRAM) due to a valve problem. This latest event brings the total number of unplanned shutdowns to three so far this year. There were also two other shutdown/power down events this year.

  • winter storm Juno (Jan 27th): unplanned shutdown
  • winter storm Neptune (Feb 14th): planned shutdown
  • loss of condenser vacuum (May 26th): unplanned shutdown
  • incoming seawater too warm for operations (Aug 9th): Pilgrim forced to power down
  • steam isolation valve problem (Aug 22nd): unplanned shutdown

The Union of Concerned Scientist recently released an issue brief that provides an overview of the August 22, 2015 shutdown at Pilgrim →

Here are also some media articles covering this latest shutdown.