For the consideration of the NRC and others is an JRWA’s initial comment on the March 12, 2015 submittal of AREVA on behalf of Entergy for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s compliance with NRC orders, more precisely stated within. The AREVA Report is here:

As noted in our comment, we never received, although we made several requests for, the updated topographical survey AREVA states was completed in 2014, and upon which it relies for certain elevations at the PNPS site. This plan should be made publicly available.

We will continue to make efforts to improve our review of the models used, and hope to elaborate on our concerns in the future. However, we did not want to further delay offering our comments and perspective on the material provided. In the interests of the people of the region, our members and the environment as a whole, we need the NRC to delve more deeply into the vulnerability and risks at Pilgrim from climate change.