From Sea to Source: Protection and restoration of fish migration in rivers worldwide

Happy World Fish Migration Day!

Today, the World Fish Migration Foundation released the second edition of their book, From Sea to Source: Protection and restoration of fish migration in rivers worldwide. Read or download it from the official website: From Sea to Source →

Image from the book: Swimways of the world, the first global fish migration poster featuring migratory fish from all over the world and their swimming routes.

About ‘From Sea to Source 2.0’ from the World Fish Migration Foundation:

In 2012 our team proudly published the first global edition of our book “From Sea to Source”. This was a work intended to inform, educate and inspire those who wanted to know much more about how to meet the challenges that lie behind restoration of fish migration in rivers around the world. Whether the challenge is simply to increase access to spawning habitats through connectivity improvements for salmon, or to maintain the livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people dependent upon fish and fisheries in the great rivers of Asia, Africa and South America, we hoped our book would help to achieve these goals.

That book was very well received and we were delighted with the good reviews. This inspired us to move on. An important result was the establishment of the World Fish Migration Foundation in 2014 through which we now continue to share experiences and encourage the opening of rivers around the world for wildlife and the people who depend on them. Since the development of the World Fish Migration Foundation, many initiatives have been launched that promote a new vision: Connecting Fish, Rivers and People.

The International Fish Passage Conference was held in The Netherlands in 2015, and World Fish Migration Day has been launched even more successfully around the globe. Together with our partners and collaborators we introduced millions of people from around the world to the urgent need for recognition of the value of migratory fish and healthy rivers. Flourishing populations of migratory fish are a wonderful indicator of environmental quality.

Ultimately our ambition is to contribute in a positive way to making a better world and a positive difference for migratory fish, nature and humans on local and global levels by inspiring new initiatives for and with people all around the world. With the release of the 2018 ‘From Sea to Source 2.0’ we show how rivers are a critical natural resource that sustain us all and support livelihoods, health and wellbeing. Approximately 40% of all fish species in the world reside in freshwater ecosystems, contributing economic and ecological benefits and value. […] Read more →

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  1. Herman Wanningen

    I see that our FSTS book can be downloaded from your website.
    Can you remove the download and mention instead. This is the website where the book can officially be downloaded
    Regards Herman

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