WOW we’ve had a lot going on in the past year or so! Things having been moving extremely fast (mostly in a forward direction). I know people are interested in keeping pace with all of this, and we certainly want to spread the word. The website has been fantastic and Petra, Iris, and others have done a great job keeping it current. We constantly get positive feedback and it is always exciting to hear people say that they check it out on a regular basis. Heck, my mom would rather get the details about upcoming events from the website than straight from me. (hi mom!)

Activities at Jones River Landing are pretty diverse: boatbuilding, recreation, ecology, restoration, the River Store, lectures, fundraisers, potlucks, and a whole bunch of other stuff that’s just good fun. I love the diversity at the Landing and as a board member it’s very exciting to see movement on all fronts. However, in the role of Ecology Program Director I have a specific focus…the health, ecology, and restoration of the river.

So that’s what this blog is all about – my own focused attention on river ecology issues. My hope is to keep this updated regularly with notes from the river. I expect to have quite a wide range of posts, from casual observations to detailed program notes. I hope it will be a place where people can find some interesting details that encourage them to seek me out at the Landing. I hope to get feedback that helps broaden my understanding and awareness of the watershed. There are so many well trained and thoughtful eyes in this community that continually enlighten me. I hope to spark even more of that through this little journal.

This is literally my first ever blog post. I can’t promise anything about the frequency or quality of my posts. But I will definitely try to keep it up. Although the plan is to focus on the ecology component, everything at the Landing is so interconnected (isn’t that ecology?) that I’m sure I’ll often touch on other pieces. So here we go…