Key Public Risk Communication Messages for the Week of Sept 24, 2012:

1. Day time and early evening temperatures are still warm enough for continued mosquito activity. Mosquito activity drops off when temperatures are below 60 but some mosquitoes will be active even down to 52 degrees.

2. At this time of year, the mosquitoes that remain are older adults; as mosquitoes age, they are more likely to have picked up either EEE or WNV so a greater proportion of them are probably infected. Because of cooler temperatures, mosquito trapping is less effective and the increased infection rates are not always obvious based on mosquito testing results.

3. Communities at high or critical risk for EEE are urged to consider rescheduling outdoor, evening events that occur between the hours of dusk and dawn. Communities at high or critical risk for WNV should consider outreach to residents over the age of 50 with information about peak mosquito activity hours.