Anyone who has walked along a road, through a park, or just about anywhere (including the Landing parking lot!) has probably seen “nips,” tiny plastic bottles empty of alcohol, scattered on the ground. Not only are nips one of the worst offenders when it comes to litter in Massachusetts, but they also end up in our waterways where they leach toxic chemicals and harm marine life.

Currently at the State House, nips are the subject of House Bill (H3528 – An Act Promoting the Proper Disposal of Miniatures) that would add a 5-cent deposit to the tiny bottles. The hope is that the 5-cents would be enough incentive for people to collect and return them, rather than tossing them away.

The bill was filed by State Rep. Randy Hunt of Sandwich. A hearing on the bill was held June 13th by the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy.

There are three ways you can help get this bill passed:

  1. Sign the petition named “Nip The Nip Bottle Litter In Massachusetts,” which was started by Keep Massachusetts Beautiful and has more than a 1,000 supporters so far.
  2. Find your legislator and send a quick email asking them to support Bill H3528 to help at least keep nips off our streets, parks, and waterways.
  3. Pass it on! Let everyone you know in Massachusetts about the Bill H3528 and the ways they can help.