Photos of the Riley Nor’easter flood on March 2nd →
Timelapse videos of the flooding:

The USGS Stream Flow gauge below the Elm Street Dam continuously measures water levels in the Jones River and calculates that into river flow. The gauge can be influenced by extremely high tides. USGS has a protocol for removing those tidal anomalies since they don’t represent true stream flow, but in the meantime, they can be extremely informative for us in understanding the extent that the tide has pushed up the river.

In the example above from February 28th through March 7th, you can really see both the extreme tides and the extreme rainfall. The sharp spikes show each of the high tides that pushed upriver. The overall large jump in the curve shows how much water was added to the river from the heavy rainfall on March 2nd-3rd. It’s easy to see why Jones River Landing took on so much flooding from the combination of rain and tide.

Stay tuned to the Jones River’s status on the USGS website →