Silver Lake water levels are at a 30-year low. Jones River flows are at a 50-year low. Not since the water emergencies of the 1980s has the lake and river been so abused. This is a manmade crisis and it’s totally preventable.

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At the Monponsett Pond diversion at Plympton/Halifax townline, Silver Lake is losing about an inch of elevation every day. Around the lake this equals many additional feet of lakebed exposed daily, and slow moving animals – especially the freshwater mussels that clean the lake water of nutrients – cannot keep up with the rapidly receding shore and die. Shallow water temperature in September 2016 and early October were extremely hot which caused major stress on these important natural resources.

January 2017:

Even after all of the precipitation and subsequent meltdown Silver Lakes exposed lake bed area has increased to 315′ from the seasonal high water mark!

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Late December 2016:

Death toll rises as Silver Lake approaches draw down of 100 inches. Photos courtesy of Mark Sotir.

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Mid December 2016:

Pembroke shore of Silver Lake – thousands of mussels and Red belly turtle shown dead. Silver Lake now down 8 feet. No relief in sight. Photos courtesy of Mark Sotir.

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October 2016:

It is difficult to tell from these pictures how significant the flow is coming into Silver Lake from Monponsett Pond. This video captures it more clearly. We did a series of volume/time measurements on October 25th, and calculate the flow at ~150,000/day.

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