“Silver Lake is located in the towns of Kingston, Pembroke and Plympton and abuts the town of Halifax (Figure 1.) It is a 640 acre Great Pond used as a primary water supply by the City of Brockton and functions as the headwaters of the Jones River. Silver Lake has man-made connections to Furnace Pond in Pembroke (Herring River Watershed) and East Monponsett Pond (Taunton River Watershed) used to augment its surface and groundwater inputs for water supply purposes. Due to its status as a primary water supply, the pond is closed to public access (although numerous pond front residences with kayaks and other water craft were noted during the survey). The purpose of the survey was to update fisheries data for the pond. Silver Lake is the headwaters of the Jones River and recent efforts have been made to reconnect the pond to the Jones River to allow migration of anadromous fish.”