Visiting towns along the Bay Circuit Trail from June 17 to July 3

Since 2010, co-founders Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards have organized an annual non-profit bipedal concert tour of Massachusetts in support of arts and culture for towns throughout the state. Each free community concert collaborates with local artists, musicians, educational programs, trail managers and land trust groups to highlight both artistic diversity and recreational land use. With each visit, a community has pulled together and taken part in a dialogue which serves to strengthen local investment in the arts. Find out more

Funded in part by: Massachusetts Cultural Council

Sponsored by: Bay Circuit Trail Alliance, National Parks Service, & Appalachian Mountain Club

2014 MWT Troupe: Mark Kilianski, Amy Alvey, Raianne Richards, Mark Mandeville

Artwork: Dan Blakeslee

Promotional Help: Bill Condry