The commercial solar energy market is exciting to participate in. We recognize that investment considerations go far beyond ‘what panel do you use?’ For example, as utilities upgrade the grid to accommodate commercial solar projects, the upgrades are focused on energy input to the grid rather than upgrading for additional electrical load. The customers installing solar of any significance pay the utility for these upgrades.

Fred Paris of the Wind Sun Institute and owner of Plymouth Solar Energy is offering a one-hour presentation and discussion of Commercial Solar Energy, with emphasis on known and unknown variables – including the configurations of tax credits and depreciation methods that will apply for 2023 projects. Topics include:

  • Introduction to the Wind Sun Institute & Plymouth Solar Energy
  • The financial variables for commercial solar
  • Investment Tax Credits: who get it and how much
  • 2023 80% bonus depreciation for solar investments
  • Determining the IRS basis for 5-year solar
  • Applying accelerated depreciation for 2023
  • Understanding REC incentives and SMART payments
  • Non-profit strategies for financial incentives

As a technical business instructor, Fred has taught Strategic Business Planning at Northeastern, Business Values and Renewable Energy sessions at Babson, and private technical lessons for organizations around the United States. Fred holds BA and MBA degrees. Locally, Fred designed and developed the solar energy curriculum at Massasoit Community College, and is the owner of Plymouth Solar Energy.