To protect our health, safety, environment and town, Entergy should have to get a special permit for this project – the Zoning Board should enforce the laws! If you have concerns about Entergy’s dry cask storage project, then please attend this hearing.

Local residents recently appealed a zoning permit granted by the town of Plymouth to Entergy that allows them to build a long-term, high-level nuclear waste storage facility at Pilgrim. The appeal asks that the permit be revoked and for Entergy to obtain a “special permit.” A special permit would help ensure that the storage facility is being built and operated in the safest and most environmentally sound way possible, require a public hearing, provide more transparency and give the public an opportunity to provide input. The purpose of the hearing is to review this appeal.

The hearing is open to the public and will be held at Plymouth Town Hall, 11 Lincoln Street on Wednesday, June 12th, at 7:30 p.m.

Meg Sheehan, of EcoLaw, which is representing the residents, says, “All we are asking for is proper enforcement of the zoning laws. Town officials can use local powers to ensure that the dry cask project is properly designed, sited and built. Unless the Town does the right thing, this project will not be properly reviewed and the public will be cut out of the process.”

Event flyer (PDF)

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