Press Release: “Visionary” Environmental Group Gets Regional Award

Nomination Form: 2015 Gulf of Maine Council Visionary Award

From the Gulf of Maine Council:

For a small organization, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the effort it takes just to maintain your existence, and, whittled down by the slow pace of progress toward real change, to focus narrowly on what seems accomplishable. Under the leadership of Pine DuBois, the Jones River Watershed Association has instead leveraged the staff’s scientific aptitude and raw muscle to attract partners that have made what seemed impossible, possible. These attributes, plus the willingness to listen to all stakeholders without losing the urgency of their mission, made JRWA an appealing partner for the state and federal agencies that collaborated on the 2011 removal of the Wapping Road Dam. Following on that success, JRWA has set their sights on other limiting factors to the health of not only the Jones River but also neighboring watersheds and Cape Cod Bay itself, talking with landowners and resource agencies to organize a critical mass for effecting change.

JRWA has always made a point of taking the time to do things right, and thus to ensure that their work is supported by the key players and the results are held up as a model for others to follow. Such is the case with the Association’s dogged work to address water use impacts to the Jones River and two adjoining watersheds, all connected by the City of Brockton’s water supply system. JRWA has enlisted support from stakeholders in all three watersheds, and beyond .

Through all this, JRWA remains true to its community engagement goals, hosting interns and volunteers, and maintaining a dedicated and passionate membership. For all of these reasons, the Jones River Watershed Association is truly a Visionary for the Gulf of Maine.

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