March for Our Children,” organized by the Massachusetts Downwinders, is a 4-day, 54-mile event to raise public awareness and to let elected officials know that Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station is a danger to our health, economy, and environment.

On Saturday, June 13th, the march will begin at Pilgrim Station in Plymouth and end at the Massachusetts’ statehouse (Gardner Auditorium) on Tuesday, June 16th. See the itinerary or learn how you can get involved – you can join for part of, or all of the march. Meals and accommodations will be provided to participants.

There will be several quest speakers at the rally, including:

  • Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis
  • Paul Gunter – Beyond Nuclear
  • Dr. Kea Van Der Ziel, Boston Area Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • Jerry Frenkil, Member of the Executive Committee, MA Sierra Club
  • Ed DeWitt, President, Association to Preserve Cape Cod
  • Senator Daniel Wolf
  • Claire Miller, Toxics Action Center
  • Pine DuBois, Cape Cod BayWatch/Jones River Watershed Association
  • Anna Baker, Pilgrim Coalition
  • Mary Lampert, Pilgrim Watch
  • Deb Katz, Citizens Awareness Network
  • Nancy Braus, Safe and Green Energy
  • Bruce Skud, No More Fukushimas
  • Guntram Mueller, MA Peace Action/Boston Downwinders
  • Diane Turco, Cape/MA Downwinders

For more information, visit the “March for Our Children” webpage, or contact Diane Turco (Cape Downwinders / MA Downwinders) at, Guntram Mueller (Boston Downwinders) at, or Father Andrew Quillen, OSB (Occupy Hingham) at