Pilgrim Nuclear Waste Storage Trial

 Mon . August 8 . 2016      Land Court, Boston

In August 2013, local residents filed a lawsuit against the Town of Plymouth and Entergy over violations of local zoning laws at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. The lawsuit asserts that the Town illegally approved Entergy’s massive new nuclear waste storage dry cask storage facility as an “as of right” use, without the required special permit.

After three years, the trial begins August 8 at Land Court in Boston. The trial is open to the public and is scheduled for the weeks of August 8 and August 22.

Where: Land Court, 3 Pemberton Square, Boston; go to 5th floor where room assignments will be posted in the hallway (Judge Foster; Case: Bostek v. Entergy; 13MISC479028)

When: Aug. 8-12 and Aug. 22-26; trial begins each day at 9:30 AM, end time is approx. 4:00 PM but can vary

Learn more about the lawsuit in these past posts:

If you are interested in attending the trial, please contact info@capecodbaywatch.org for more information.


  1. Rosanne Shapiro

    Good luck, Meg, Karen and the rest of you warriors! Keep us Cape Codders posted.

  2. Even the NRC requires a separate permit for an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI).

    These thin-walled (1/2″) stainless steel spent fuel canisters cannot be inspected (even on the outside), cannot be maintained, monitored and cannot be repaired. They are subject to short-term failure from stress corrosion cracks and there is no approved plan in place to deal with leaking canisters. Holtec canister vendor, President Dr Kris Singh, says even a microscopic through wall crack will release millions of curies of radiation into the environment. Each canister contains more deadly radioactive Cesium-137 than released from Chernobyl. Sources and more info at SanOnofreSafety.org

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