SPEAK OUT at the State House Oct. 22 (1-3pm), organized by MA Downwinders and Cape Downwinders. Want to join them? Gather at the grand staircase on the second floor. Never a better time than now!

UPDATE FROM THE DOWNWINDERS: The danger has not been eliminated just because Entergy announced they are closing Pilgrim. The risks are greater than ever. Lets keep up the pressure on the NRC, legislators, and government agencies. This is not the time to kick back and be quiet. This is the time to speak up about replacing Pilgrim with renewables, support pending legislation, as well as making sure public safety is the top priority now and throughout Pilgrim’s decommissioning.

Please join us at the State House next Thursday, October 22 and let those concerns be heard. This is not a protest and you will not be able to bring protest signs in. Cape Downwinders will supply any necessary materials. Special t-shirts has been designed for this event and they will be sold at cost for people to wear them on the Grand Staircase. There is great line up of speakers who will be talking about the new challenges we face ahead. We have also invited area schools to participate. Detailed speaker list will be announced shortly.

This event is open to everyone. Bring your family and friends.