BOSTON, MA – Communities of faith, organizational leaders, citizen activists, students, and others will gather in the Great Hall, second floor, at the State House on Monday, November 21st at 11:00 am. They will be calling for moral action on the part of Governor Baker to demand the Nuclear Regulatory Commission immediately close Entergy’s dangerous Pilgrim nuclear power reactor in Plymouth.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has assessed Pilgrim as one of the three worst operating reactors in the US, one step from federally mandated shutdown. Since Entergy announced the closing in 2019, more NRC violations, emergency shutdowns, equipment failures, and ongoing problems continue to plague the reactor. A report from 11.16 cited 4 more violation found even after two years of increased NRC oversight.

The entire MA congressional delegation recently sent a letter to the NRC identifying MA communities as being ‘in danger’ without recommended Fukushima safety upgrades. Entergy has appealed to the NRC for extension of the order until 2019 when Pilgrim closes, avoiding costs for safety.

As chief safety officer for the Commonwealth, Governor Baker has a moral responsibility to protect the health and safety of the citizens, our communities, and environment.

Citizens Awareness Network Executive Director Deb Katz declares, “Pilgrim’s continued operation puts the Commonwealth at unacceptable risk. The NRC is protecting Entergy not the people of Massachusetts. Why is Governor Baker silent ?”

Diane Turco, Director of Cape Downwinders states, “It is time to confront a government that is failing the people of the Commonwealth. With ongoing problems at the repetitively degrading Pilgrim, the entire region, including metro Boston, is put at serious risk that can be avoided through strong leadership and action.”

Multiple letters of public appeal have been delivered to Governor Baker since he took office. The latest action on Sept. 9 resulted in the arrest of 3 activists for insisting the Governor call for the immediate closure of Pilgrim after the Sept. 6 emergency shutdown. Another appeal to the Governor will be delivered right after the Speakout.

Speakers include:

Laura Wagner, LICSW, Executive Director, UU Mass Action. UUMA is the state action network for Unitarian Universalists. Unitarian Universalists put their values and principles into action by engaging in social justice, of which Climate Justice is a primary concern.

Greg Williams, a Quaker, has been politically active in the Boston area since the early 1970’s. He was a Conscientious Objector during the Vietnam War. He has staffed programs focused on Southern Africa, Restorative Justice, and environmental concerns. He currently directs Stone of Hope, a Quaker program focused on Radical Nonviolence and Racial Justice issues. Greg is also a Franciscan Brother, in the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans.

Chris Williams is a long time sustainable energy policy activist. He is currently VT Organizer for the Citizens Awareness Network and was instrumental in the shutdown of VY. Williams has a long professional history with public interest organziations. For 18 years, he was the executive director for Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana and currently serves a board chair of the Nuclear Information and Research Service (NIRS).

Deb Katz is Executive Director of Citizens Awareness Network, which was instrumental n the closure of four New England nuclear reactors including Vermont Yankee, intervened in Nuclear Regulatory Commission proceedings on decommissioning of the Yankee Rowe and CT Yankee reactors, won a lawsuit against the NRC of the illegal decommissioning of the Rowe reactor, organized a Peoples Summit on High Level Waste in CT and well as a Peoples’ Decommissioning hearing and forums throughout New England.

Bill Maurer is a long time Cape Downwinders activist and Steering Committee member. He was instrumental in discovering the lack of special permit for Entergy’s waste pad and works along with Cape Cod Bay Watch on the land court trial. Bill’s work also involves participation in multiple petitions to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He was presented with the 2014 Cape Cod Bay Watch Life Preserver award in gratitude for all his work.

Governor Michael Dukakis is unable to attend but has sent a statement to be shared.

An open mike at the end of the presentations will be available for all participants to speak out to CLOSE PILGRIM NOW. The entire program will be taped and available on You Tube.