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Guest Speakers

Brad Chase – Diadromous Fishers Project Leader at the MA Division of Marine Fisheries

Brad is no stranger to the Jones River Landing, he has been a frequent collaborator on our projects, and spoke at our last in-person meeting, which took place shortly after the Elm Street dam removal. Brad is an expert on the diadromous fish in coastal Massachusetts and will be sharing his knowledge on fish passage in the Jones, as well as giving a brief update on the progress of the Forge Pond dam fish ladder project. Next year we hope to have permits to cut a more fish-friendly ladder into the Brockton dam near Silver Lake High School.

Scott Bancroft – Architect at Habeeb and Associates

Our Landing Road neighbor, Scott is working with us on the Landing Maritime Resilience Planning – our effort to adapt the buildings to predicted rising sea levels. Scott has been particularly focused on the details of design for the new building layouts, and he will be presenting on the progress thus far.

Slate of Nominees for the Board of Directors

re-election, two-year term:

Karon Wierman
Martha Mutrie
Melissa Ferretti
Peter Baird

New candidate for election, two-year term:

Nathan Hedberg

JRWA encourages your interest in participating on the Board of Directors or serving in another volunteer capacity. Our organization is made from the people, and we need your help whenever you are ready, willing and able. Please let us know if you are interested! The Landing is a supporting non-profit organization of JRWA, and the JRL Board is appointed by the JRWA Board for an unspecified period. Both are non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

The JRWA and Jones River Landing Boards each try to meet monthly to address needed business and make plans to maintain and restore our treasured environmental and historic resources. Please let us know your interest and we will help you plug-in to further the mission of these evolving organizations.

Thank you again for your support and involvement! If you have questions or suggestions, please email Pine, pine@jonesriver.org.