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“River Rat of the Year” — Carole McCarthy
Re-elected Current Directors, 2-year terms:

  • Jason Potrykus, Vice President
  • Bob Weber, Secretary
  • Karon Wierman, Director at Large
  • Twig Johnson, Director at Large
  • David O’Connell, Director at Large

New Board Members, 1-year terms:
(Filling vacancies due to the resignations of Al Alexis and Wendell Chamberlain)

  • Stephen Fulmer, Director at Large
  • R. Lee Cook, Director at Large

New!: “Bosun’s Mate” – Jim Linsdell, Mass Bay Maritime Artisans
“Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver” – Kevin Cassidy, Earthrise Law Center
“River Rat: Champion of the Environment” – Matt Teuton
“Great Blue Heron” – Al Alexis


“River Rat” – Robert Fennessy
New!: “The Helmsman” – Jon Daley
“Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver” – Pam Solo

Listen to the January 31, 2016 WATD interview with Pine duBois →

Acceptance speech from 2015 River Rat, Robert Fennessy:

Many thanks to the Jones River Watershed Association and the Board of Directors, and in particular Pine duBois, for this thoughtful recognition today. I am humbled by this and accept this award, in particular because it really does reflect my lifelong interest in enhancing conservation and environmental issues. So to each of you, I offer my heartfelt thanks.

But, it is not I that should be accepting praises today. The praises should go to the Jones River Watershed Association board of directors and its members for the great work that each of you do throughout the year to protect, enhance and restore the quality of the natural resources in Southeastern Massachusetts, in particular the Jones River and Cape Cod Bay.

I see this organization as a strong and vibrant group of individuals and I think that is due to great leadership of the Association as well as support from all the members.

It is an organization doing work that connects our waterways to our community, by not merely monitoring water quality, but also educating the public and local/state/and federal officials on the needs of the watershed to protect and maintain the usefulness of the waterways for the benefit of the fish and animals that depend on them to survive, as well as for recreational purposes which enhances the residents’ lives. Clearly, the natural resources of the watershed are at the heart of it all.

My hope is that my two children — and their children — will one day live in a world in which all water resources are clean and protected. If we continue to invest in conserving and protecting our natural resources, there’s a good chance that will happen. But, that can only happen if:

1. there is a commitment by local/state/and federal officials to do so; and

2. that respected organizations – such as the Jones River Watershed Association – remain committed to holding those officials accountable for the benefit of the present and future generations to come.

Again, Thank you again for this award… it will be one that I will truly treasure!

– Robert Fennessy


“River Rat” – Bob Weber
“Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver” – Bill Maurer

Awards for 2013:

“River Rat” – Gary King
“Great Blue Heron” – Wendell Chamberlain
“Cape Cod Bay Life Preserver” – Karen Vale