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Annual Meeting Archive

Last Year:

Presentations from JRWA’s 33rd Annual Meeting on January 27, 2019:

Guest speaker, Erica Lentz is a member of our newly formed Science Team working to establish an upper level ecology program at the Drew Heritage House. She works for USGS in Woods Hole and is one of the authors of the New England Chapter (18) of the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

Slate for re-election, Directors at Large (2-year terms, through 2020):

  • Lee Cook
  • Stephen Fulmer
  • Bill Napolitano

Officers (2-year terms, through 2020):

  • Jason Potrykus, President
  • David O’Connell, Vice President
  • Karon Wierman, Secretary

Directors at Large (1-year term, through 2019):

  • Catherine Foley
  • Darci Schofield
  • Peter Baird