As much as we love cozy fires and holiday cheer, we are also excited to continue our annual tradition of taking up our paddles (or oars) to bring in the new year with a brisk and invigorating trip down the estuary and out into Kingston Bay. Contact us ahead of time if you need to borrow a kayak and dress warm – unless the weather is exceedingly dangerous we will continue with the event. A group usually crosses the bay to Goose Point, but you only need to continue as far as you’re comfortable with. There’s no shame in turning back early, prioritize your safety.

We encourage participants to assemble at Jones River Landing if you intend to journey down the estuary, or at the town dock if you prefer to start at the bay. After the journey we will be encouraging people to meet at Jones River Landing for some refreshments next to the fire. Bring goodies to share, if you can.