UPDATE: Susan Truitt (event organizer) has decided to cancel the 8/29 rally in Boston because of recent developments regarding the Ethics Commission and has stated the following:

The Massachusetts Ethics Commission and our State Senator Dan Wolf are now in productive negotiations which could clear the way for Dan to stay in the State Senate and then run for Governor.Read more about this →

We do not have a victory for those of us who think the Commission’s ruling is wrong. But we do have the beginning of what could be a sensible solution. Now is not the time for more heat. Let us pray that cool heads prevail.

So the rally we’ve planned for tomorrow, Thursday, August 29th is not taking place. No buses to Boston, no speakers on the State House steps. I honestly believe that the many letters to the Commission, the newspaper stories and editorials, and the sharp criticism of just plain folks like us have been a strong factor in turning a dispute into a negotiation.

But keep my email and my phone number handy. I’m keeping yours. Who knows what challenges are ahead! I’ve heard from so many people who care about our voting rights and about good government. (Yes, we filled the buses!) But freedom doesn’t come free. We have to continue to work for it.

– Susan Truitt, Volunteer & Rally Organizer (Osterville, MA)

Did you ever think that right here in Massachusetts we’d have to wage a voting rights battle?

After almost 3 years of unblemished service, Senator Dan Wolf has suddenly been found to be of compliance by the Massachusetts Ethics Commission, and their “solution” is not only nonsensical, it is draconian. It is highly likely that this Thursday, August 29th, Massachusetts Dan Wolf will be forced to resign from the Senate. That means the Ethics Commission will have successfully taken our ballots and thrown them out.

Come rally to support reform of this flawed system and to seek justice for Dan!

Busloads of folks will be heading from the Cape to Beacon Hill on Thursday, August 29 at 9:30 am. We’ll rally on the State House steps at 12 noon. Then we’ll head over to the Ethics Commission, right around the corner.

You can join the bus group by reservation. First come, first served. Donations for bus fare will be appreciated but are certainly not required. To reserve your seat on a bus, please call: Susan Truitt at 774-327-7277, sutruitt@msn.com or Arlene Williamson at 774-521-3347, a.williamson99@comcast.net

Numbers are very important! Let us know if you’re coming – if you need a ride, let us know in time to help you get one. If you want to drive, please try to carpool. Bring your own signs, some water, and a snack.

If you are off Cape please join us! We can arrange for a bus to stop in Plymouth to pick up supporters.

Pine asks for participation to rally at the State House this Thursday in support of Dan Wolf, who is being persecuted by an unfair standard by the Ethics Commission.

“My experience with the Ethics Commission is that they are a tool for the bullies, and have no accountability to the public for anonymous complaints. This is an attempt to keep Senator Wolf silent, because of his effective advocacy – and has NOTHING to do with conflict of interest or unfair advantage. Dan Wolf is an effective advocate for his constituency and needs our support to maintain his position on behalf of our common interests for environmental safety.” — Pine duBois

Join us if you can on Thursday to challenge the outlandish positions of the ethics commission, and find other ways to support Dan Wolf.