The shoreline of Cape Cod Bay is public land, held in trust for everyone to use. Since 1968, the state has been giving Pilgrim’s owner permits to take and use these our public lands for its nuclear power operations. Entergy, a profit making corporation, is using our public land along the shoreline of Cape Cod Bay for its private purposes.

The state should not grant Entergy this permit, and it should revoke the four prior permits it has issued.

Entergy is asking the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for a 30-year permit under the Public Waterfront Act (Mass. General Laws chapter 91) to use the public lands along the Cape Cod Bay shoreline in front of Pilgrim to install equipment for an emergency cooling water system. Entergy needs this to comply with the NRC “Fukumshima Fixes” order by the NRC. The reason why Entergy’s “Fukushima fix” is flawed is contained in this July 2014 Pilgrim Watch report →

In order to grant the permit, DEP must find that “the project serves a proper public purpose which provides greater benefits than detriments to the public rights in tidelands.” The public has the right to comment on whether it thinks Entergy should be allowed to use public lands for this project.

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Watch video of the Nov. 18th MassDEP/Entergy hearing about this project →

For more information, email info@capecodbaywatch.org or call 508-585-2322.