In March 2015, a ‘10 Residents Group’ and Jones River Watershed Association (JRWA) filed a legal appeal of the state’s decision to grant Entergy a Chapter 91 Waterways License to put an emergency cooling water system on the Cape Cod Bay shoreline for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Read more about the issue:

Here is a quick update about the appeal.

There was a hearing on Sept. 24, 2015 before a MassDEP Administrative Law Judge, where all parties’ witnesses were cross-examined on their testimonies.

JRWA and the 10 residents group were represented by Kevin Cassidy of Earthrise Law Center and volunteers Meg Sheehan and Anne Bingham.

On Nov. 6, 2015 all sides filed post hearing memos:

The next step will be the Presiding Officer’s Recommended Final Decision, issued by Feb. 5. That recommendation goes to the MassDEP Commissioner, who then issues a final decision. Both sides can appeal the Commissioner’s final decision. Stay tuned for more updates.