Federal, state, and local regulators need to ensure proper regulatory oversight of Entergy’s construction of a nuclear waste storage facility at Pilgrim

Entergy is building a long term storage facility for over 40 years worth of nuclear waste at Pilgrim. Citizen groups have revealed that this construction does not have proper local, state, or federal approvals.

In February, 2013, citizen groups wrote to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission asking the agency to enforce its own regulations governing construction of the dry cask waste storage facility. Letter to NRC on Waste Storage →

In December, 2012, the public interest advocacy group EcoLaw asked the town to enforce local zoning laws governing the construction. EcoLaw Letter to Town →

The groups also challenged the December 2012 town permit for a retaining wall, saying it was piecemeal zoning, and asked for enforcement of wetlands laws. Town Wall Permit Dec. 2012 →

In February, 2013, two groups asked the NRC to investigate the possible improper use by Entergy of public decommissioning funds. Letter to NRC on Funds →