Comments: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Storage

Today we submitted comments to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Office of Inspector General (OIG) regarding their Sept 23, 2015 “Audit of NRC’s Oversight of Low-Level Radioactive Waste.”

For several years, we have raised concerns about Pilgrim’s low-level radioactive waste storage with the NRC and others. These concerns form the basis for our interest in OIG’s audit document and for our comments.

To learn more about low-level radioactive waste and storage at Pilgrim, read our May 2014 blog Lowdown on Pilgrim’s So-called “Low-level Radioactive Waste.


  1. Linda Grandy

    The power company owns the waste. Just like any manufacturing business closing down they need to leave the site “clean.” The fact that this is even being discussed is so retarded.

  2. Massachusetts is currently not a member of a LLRW compact (learn more: so the company has no place to send LLRW when decommissioning begins. Greater-than-Class-C LLRW waste (currently the type stored 30 feet from the Bay at Pilgrim) is treated like high level waste and will remain on site until – if ever – a federal repository is developed. Furthermore, it’s still not clear if ever an interim high-level site is developed whether it will it be restricted to high-level fuel assemblies or also include Greater-than-Class-C waste. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no guarantee that the site will be left “clean” of LLRW after shutdown. (And while we are open to any and all comments, please don’t use the “R” word on our site – it’s offensive and hurtful to many.)

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