In response to an NRC memo that was accidentally emailed to the public in early December, a Pilgrim Nuclear Safety Performance Analysis was published today (updated 1/18/16) by two Cape Cod residents. The report looks at not only Pilgrim’s safety performance, but also at Entergy’s – Pilgrim’s owner and operator.

The report:

  • Compares Pilgrim and Entergy’s safety performance record to the rest of the industry;
  • illustrates Pilgrim’s safety performance nose dives beginning after re-licensing; and
  • presents alarming conclusions, nothing not already strongly suspected, and affirming what was in the NRC’s December memo.

Some highlights from the report:

  • Only 60% of Entergy-owned reactors are operating in “Column 1,” or the highest level of safety performance. Out of 100 nuclear reactors in the U.S. fleet, 91 are are operating in Column 1 (91%). This shows that Entergy’s safety record is much lower compared to the rest of the industry.
  • Data point to a systemic problem. Entergy is the only owner/operator in
    the U.S. with reactors operating at the lowest operational level of safety (Column 4, or also known as the ‘Degraded Cornerstone Column’). Even worse, Entergy operates all THREE reactors in this column (including Pilgrim!).
  • Pilgrim’s irreversible safety performance nose dive began shortly after re-licensing in 2012.
  • The NRC and other insiders are aware of most of Pilgrim’s safety problems, as indicated in the memo accidentally emailed to the public last month.
  • It is clear that Pilgrim has a “safety culture” problem.
  • Massachusetts residents face a great risk with Pilgrim in their backyard

Read the full analysis →

The NRC will be holding a public hearing at the end of the month to discuss Pilgrim’s failing performance record and the leaked memo. Learn more →

This analysis was sent to Governor Baker, Attorney General Healey, Senate President Stan Rosenberg, and a long list of state and federal legislators on January 24th. Read the letter →

Below are the graphs and table used in analysis report, which are available for download.