Jones River Herring Count – Training & Instructions

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Sign-up: Brockton Dam at Silver Lake   Sign-up: Soules Pond

It is again time for river herring to make their annual excursion up the Jones River to spawn, and with Silver Lake now accessible and the Elm Street dam removed, we are excited to see just how many fish are running this year. We be conducting fish counts at two sites in the Jones River: Soules Pond, which is accessible from Elm Street, and the Brockton Dam at Forge Pond downstream of Silver Lake, which is accessible from Lake Street, across from the Silver Lake Regional High School athletic fields.

  • As in-person meetings are not advisable, we have put together a virtual training session that all volunteers should review.
  • We strongly encourage participants to continue wearing masks and maintain at least six feet apart while conducting a herring count. Please give others space if you should encounter anyone else at the fish ladder. While we appreciate your dedication, please stay home if you are feeling ill.  Our volunteers’ health must come first.
  • We will be using both online forms and a physical log book on-site to recording counting data. We will still be encouraging the use of a Google form to enter our results, but as an alternate submission method the traditional field guide will be returning for those who are uncomfortable with the web form. We will attempt to stock hand sanitizer alongside the guide, but as an extra precaution you can wear gloves.  You should also avoid touching your face and wash your hands as soon as possible after doing your count. 
  • When logging data online, please ensure you select the correct form for the site you’ve counted at. It’s crucial that we have daily results to monitor counting needs, so please also be sure to log your findings on the same day you’ve counted.

River herring are important to our ecosystem, and it is partially due to the great data collected through our annual herring counts that we are able to make the case for rehabilitation projects like the Wapping Road and Elm Street dam removals. Thank you to our past, present and future volunteers!